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*** My mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people in my lifetime. *** Founder Hubba, Polyform Labs, and Tower 10 Labs KeyCTO - Managing Partner, CTO On-Demand Branham 300 Top 25 Startup Award Winner TechVibes Startup of the Year 2012 Finalist Deloitte - Advisor (Rubix - http://rubixbydeloitte.com) Humber College - Instructor (http://www.humber.ca/program/web-design-and-interactive-media) University of Toronto - Program Advisor (http://dcsil.cs.toronto.edu/courses.html) StartupWeekend NEXT - Instructor (http://www.swnext.co/) Startup Advisor to: Careerify (acquired by LinkedIN) Hovr.it (acquired by Slyce http://slyce.it/) Brainstation (acquired by Konrad Group) Hak Studio (winner AngelHackTO and AngelHack San Francisco) Enginuity (Research tool used by Harvard and MIT)
Thu May 1, 2014

How to think like a CxO

By | 2016-07-08T15:37:50+00:00 May 1st, 2014|Wisdom|0 Comments

The best executives I've worked with follow these rules. Rule #1: Just-In-Time Decisions Defer decisions as long as possible. Decisions that have a long lasting impact or will be expensive or impossible to reverse should be deferred the longest. Why? Because tomorrow you will have more information than you have today. Wait as long as [...]

Thu April 3, 2014

Build Complete Solutions Not Tools

By | 2017-02-08T21:29:24+00:00 April 3rd, 2014|Product Management|0 Comments

Hobbyists want tools. Businesses want solutions. Hobbyists love tools because they find value in the experience of using them. Think of a carpenter who appreciates the feel of a perfectly balanced hammer or sharpened saw as he creates his bird house. Businesses on the other hand don't give a shit about tools. They want problems [...]